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Labor Day Weekend

All Cleveland State Bank locations will be closed for Labor Day, Monday, September 7, 2020.

Shazam Brella


Cleveland State Bank utilizes the SHAZAM Network for our debit card program. This program offers some great benefits, including the new SHAZAM BRELLA app which allows you to access your debit account information anytime, anywhere via your smartphone or the Internet. There’s also a feature to set up alerts regarding transactions or suspicious activity. See details below regarding SHAZAM BRELLA. 

Access account information anywhere, anytime with SHAZAM BRELLA!


Shazam BRELLA - is a free mobile app, just like your Shazam BOLT$ app, with all the same great features ... you can access balance information anytime, anywhere via your smartphone or the Internet. It also adds another layer of protection to your debit card. Shazam BRELLA can immediately alert you to potentially fraudulent activity. BRELLA helps protect you from fraud by sending alerts when your card is used so you can quickly detect unauthorized activity. 

Click below to download the Shazam Brella App for Apple iOS & Android




Shazam Brella Apple iOS App 

Shazam Brella Android App 


Notice Telephone Banking

As of June 26, 2014, when using web-browser Internet Explorer, version 9 or higher will be required for Netteller access.

Please be aware that due to telecommunication issues our standard telephone banking number is not in service. The updated telephone banking number is: 1-844-878-4581

Order Checks Now Through Harland Clarke

We are pleased to offer online check ordering.

Order Online at from the convenience of your home or office.

Please contact our Customer Service Representatives for assistance. 662-843-9461

Welcome to the Cleveland State Bank online

Our history is important; our roots run deep, but the future is ahead of us. As members of this community, we believe that Cleveland is still as special and forward thinking as it has ever been. Growth is not something new here.

The electronic banking era has arrived, and the future is being built everyday. So, our part as a hometown bank is simple─we continue to serve the needs and wants of our customers with stability and excellent service.

Come and “bank on a better future with us,” as the spirit of our country, our community and the Cleveland State Bank move forward together.

Lending Local Strengthens Our Community

Faster decision-making. Streamlined loan processing. Stronger local economy. Thriving communities.

Bank on a better future with us.

Where you choose to bank matters.

Consumers have the power to make change happen at the community level by aligning with their community bank and putting their money to work in the neighborhood that they call home.  Your choice of bank is your vote on where your money goes. Is it reinvested back into your own community, or is it sent off to a banking hub in another state or halfway around the world? When you deposit funds in your community bank, that money is redistributed back into the community in the form of loans to residents and entrepreneurs.

From local farms to craftsmen to startups, banking locally with a community bank connects you to your community and your neighbors and gives everyone a stake in its financial success. Here are a few reasons why:

• Community banks respect the communities they serve by doing right by their customers and community. Community banks and local communities have symbiotic relationships—one cannot thrive without the other.

• Community banks are relationship lenders. They know their customers and understand their financial needs, unlike larger institutions that take a transaction-based approach to banking.

• Community banks understand and celebrate local economies. As small businesses themselves, community banks are an unequivocal resource for entrepreneurs looking to launch a local small business.

• Community banks give back. Serving local communities is second nature to community banks.

Mortgage Loans

We are pleased to introduce our newest online tool: Online Mortgage Applications are available. Click here for more information!

Apply Now!

Important Notice


Has your phone number recently changed? Please let us know! Please log in to your Transaction Express E Banking Account and click on

CONTACT at the top of the page, then New,  to send us a secure message with your new contact phone numbers.  Thank you for banking with us!




Mobile Express Banking (CSB App)

Welcome to Mobile Express Banking where you can conveniently access your accounts at any time using your mobile device! Getting started is simple! Download the Cleveland State Bank Mobile App Today!

To Find out more about Mobile Express Banking and the Cleveland State Bank Mobile App, click here.

Grenada Branch

In April, 2007, Cleveland State Bank opened a loan production office in Grenada, Mississippi. Harry L. Lott, Jr. was chosen to lead the project and Linda Lane came on as administrative assistant. Office space was leased on Sunset Dr., west of I-55, and the pair started making loans. This undertaking went so well that one year later Chris Hathcock was added to the group.  From this nucleus, a dynamic team emerged, and a full-service branch was built and opened in the heart of Grenada, November 4, 2009.

The Grenada team now consists of: Janie Spraberry, Head Teller; Lisa Thomas, Teller; Markella Hankins, Teller; Mallory Tilghman, Loan Processor; Linda Lane, Customer Service Representative; Chris Hathcock, City President; Gina Hood, Vice President; and Harry L. Lott, Jr., Executive Vice President.

Cleveland State Bank—Grenada Branch effortlessly compliments the founding principles of the parent institution with the natural ease of talented, hometown people doing their best to make a difference in their community.

For more information on the Grenada location or any of the other Cleveland State Bank locations, click here.