Shazam brella

Cleveland State Bank utilizes the SHAZAM Network for our debit card program. This program offers some great benefits, including the new SHAZAM BRELLA app (formerly BOLT$, effective 5-6-20) which allows you to access your debit account information anytime, anywhere via your smart phone or the Internet. There’s also a feature to set up alerts regarding transactions or suspicious activity. See details below regarding SHAZAM BRELLA. 

Access account information anywhere, anytime with SHAZAM BRELLA!

Shazam BRELLA is a free mobile app, just like your Shazam BOLT$ app, with all the same great features ... you can access balance information anytime, anywhere via your smartphone or the Internet. It also adds another layer of protection to your debit card. Shazam BRELLA can immediately alert you to potentially fraudulent activity. BRELLA helps protect you from fraud by sending alerts when your card is used so you can quickly detect unauthorized activity. 

Click below to download the Shazam Brella App for Apple iOS & Android

Shazam Brella Apple iOS App